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Are you ready to join the first virtual Queendom University course where we teach you how to create your very own soap?

In this course, Queendom Aesthetics Founder and CEO, Melissa Odum will drop all the soap making gems for you to begin generating a revenue for your household through soap making.

Be sure to take this course uninterrupted removing any distractions from your environment. Also, some of the ingredients used in this course may cause strong scents. Please be mindful and take proper precautions around children and/or animals.

Lastly, be mindful of any ingredient allergies that you may have.

*Melissa Odum and Queendom Aesthetics is not responsible for any damage or harm to any materials or persons while making your soap via this online class.

  • A Guide to Soap Making 101
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  • Live Hands-On Virtual Soap Making with Melissa Odum
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